Moira and Maximilian Preacher


Captain Moira Preacher
Military Police Watch Commander

Dexterity: 4D (6D Melee; 5D Dodge)
Knowledge: 2D (3D + 1 Streetwise)
Strength: 4D (6D Brawling)
Perception: 3D (4D Command, Hide/Sneak)
Mechanical: 3D (4D Beast Riding)
Technical: 2D (3D Medicine, Weapon Repair)
Character Points: 5

Dodge Defense: 15
Parry Defense: 18
Unarmed Defense: 18
Damage Resistance: 12

Lieutenant Maximilian Preacher
Junior Intelligence “Asset” Handler

Dexterity: 4D (+ 2 Blasters, Dodge)
Knowledge: 3D (+ 2 Bureaucracy, Cultures, Languages)
Strength: 2D
Perception: 3D (5D Con; 4D Bargain, Gambling)
Mechanical: 3D
Technical: 3D (5D Computer Prog/Repair; 4D Security)
Character Points: 1

Dodge Defense: 14
Parry Defense: 12
Unarmed Defense: 6
Damage Resistance: 6


Both Moira and Maximilian Preacher had always lived a leisurely life in their noble estate, making only a token effort in their superior private education while taking full advantage of their family’s wealth in pursuit of their own personal interest. Moira completely ignored all courses other than her Martial forms and Equestrian while her brother Maximilian completed his assignments halfheartedly so he could shut himself in his room and play Holo-games for unhealthy amounts of time, tasking a small group of his trusted servants to complete requests as to maximize his free time for gaming. Upon reaching the age of sixteen Moira was given a choice to either prepare for her entrance into the Royal Martial Academy by eighteen or begin participating in interviews with other noble families to find a suitable husband, having no interest in either of these options Moira chose the latter figuring it was still the best option to maintain her carefree lifestyle; being significantly more athletically inclined than any of her potential fiancées Moira humiliated each of her suitors in contests intended to emasculate them, effectively reducing her desirability despite her families noteworthy prestige. After four years and no bids for her hand in marriage her father finally gave her no choice and enrolled her in the Royal Martial Academy alongside her brother who was not given an option regarding his attendance either. Both displayed the same lackluster performance that had become the norm for them and within the first semester were in danger of failing most of their courses, and few teachers and tutors possessed the patience to deal with the spoiled attitudes of the Preachers until Arguile McCloud arrived at the Academy late in the first semester. At the request of Arguile’s unit Commander, their uncle Renard Preacher, Arguile began tutoring Moira and Maximilian despite their protest; at first they rebelled against his aid, Moira specifically making the same attempts to emasculate him as she had her potential fiancés without any success. Over time Arguile’s patience and insistence on tutoring them lasted longer than their efforts to disagree and inconvenience the Yeoman, and though they hardly considered each other friends the young Preachers grades improved drastically; progress was yielded and all parties were satisfied.

It took them a full semester to realize that aside from Arguile they really hadn’t put a whole lot of effort into acquiring friends, and the same way they reluctantly accepted Arguile’s help with school they began to reluctantly accept that their group of three was the closest thing to friends they had at the Academy; being from the common class Arguile himself failed to integrate well into the Academy full of nobles. Maximilian put Arguile in the same category as his trusted servants back home attempting to issue him orders to no avail, but recognizing that in a foreign environment such as the Royal Martial Academy he had to rely on the Yeoman more because of his greater experience in the galaxy; Moira on the other hand had decided that despite the fact she had bested Arguile in the vast majority of her contests, unlike a noble he didn’t let it harm his pride and that was something truly unique to her. Over the course of their time at the Royal Martial Academy Moira became infatuated with Arguile, though if he shared a mutual interest it was by no means obvious. Rather than outright reject or rebuff her clear advances he seemed completely oblivious to her attempts, though whether his ignorance was feigned or not always remained a constant source of frustration for Moira; rather than become discouraged Moira perceived these situations as perfect opportunities to practice the vast array of joint-locks and choke holds she knew on Arguile. After a rocky first and second semester at the Royal Martial Academy the Preachers settled into their studies, finding Arguile’s determination infectious.

By the time they reached graduation Arguile’s course was already locked in, he would return to Commander Preacher and his newly formed unit the “Odd-Eyes” but for Moira and Maximilian their final exams also served as an aptitude test for their placement within the Military hierarchy. By no means star pupils even with the ministrations of Arguile they had at least developed a passing proficiency in all of their subjects while excelling at those that paralleled their personal interests, so it was dictated that Maximilian would be best suited to the Intelligence Corps starting as a lowly analyst until his cunning, manipulative personality was discovered by an equally cunning and manipulative superior who decided to promote him to an intelligence gatherer; this promotion never sat well with Maximilian as he preferred the dark confines of his basement cubicle and general lack of responsibility. Each time Maximilian was sent into the field to gather intelligence he attempted to secure the aid of Arguile McCloud, who despite being of equal rank he still perceived as his most trusted servant; imbued with both an entitled and paranoid personality Maximilian was still a capable individual within the course of his job, but his confidence only seemed to assert itself while in the presence of Arguile. Continuing a trend Maximilian performed his missions by subverting and recruiting vulnerable members of his target organizations occasionally with false promises but more often than not tries to live up to his ends of his bargains, especially when in the presence of Arguile.

Moira’s test scores were significantly more dismal than her brother and given a limited set of choices she opted for the Military Police Corps, though her desire was to follow Arguile and join her uncles unit she simply didn’t possess the requisite book smarts. She was assigned to one of the many arcologies within the southern hemisphere and to her own surprise settled into the role of a Military Police commander rather easily, the job seemed to accommodate her leisurely personality as she was capable of conducting her eight hour shift, patrolling the arcologies enormous thoroughfares only to clock out at the end of her shift and cross the street from her station and spend the rest of her evening drinking at one of the many bars and tapcafes in the entertainment district; despite having never been anything resembling a social butterfly Moira quickly developed a rapport with the civilians and the soldiers of the common class under her command, Arguile had unintentionally taught her that she related more closely with the common class than she did with the stuck up noble class she had been born into, a development that both humbled and horrified her parents and to a lesser extent her brother. Moira distinguished herself in a series of riots caused by an economic downturn; civilians took to the streets outraged by a lack of available food and a skyrocketing price of what was available, in response her men donned riot armor and met the civilians in the thoroughfares. The rapport she had developed with the civilian populace became invaluable as she pleaded for the rioters to return home, promising them sustenance even if that meant completely draining the coffers of her family’s resources for the people she had come to care for.

With her sincere words alone the majority of the rioters dispersed, those that remained were the delinquents, criminals, and recidivists and Moira was only too happy to give them the fight they seemed to be spoiling for. The men under her command had always respected her but assumed she was a just another sheltered noble, a common assumption among their strata; Moira shocked both the rioters and her own Police Soldiers as she decided to initiate combat, wading directly into the thickest part of the melee with stun baton and riot shield in hand. It was an image imprinted in the minds of all involved as it hearkened back to the Feudal era of Leontides, a time in which army’s clashed hand to hand and many of the current noble lineages had earned their right to be declared nobles in the first place. The very next day Moira Preacher was on the cover of every news publication and the subject of every media station being hailed as a hero for defeating a faction of “Insurrectionists”, there wasn’t a lack of photographers among the civilians that had dispersed but remained to view the course of events. Initially her parents were aghast that their daughter would offer their fortune to the common class but with her promotion to Captain and launch into celebrity they not only relented but saw this as an opportunity to increase the prestige of the Preacher family name. As promised the Preacher family dispensed the majority of their fortune to aid the arcology, even their servants chose to forgo their own pay to contribute to the effort; this situation was not without gain though as the Alusan Protectorate under the order of King Baras formulated a payment plan to return the Preachers to their former wealth over a number of years as well as an increase of their authority within the hierarchy of nobility, even going so far as to offer Moira’s father a token advisory position on the King’s cabinet.

Moira refused to sit back and relish her newfound fame, instead seeking the root of the of problem when records indicated there should have been just enough to feed everyone within the arcology; she imagined what Arguile would do in her circumstance and devoted her units resources towards locating the disparity in their records. She proved that the actions that got her promoted to Captain were no fluke as she uncovered an intrusive smuggling and black marketeering scheme that sought to artificially increase the price of food at reputable vendors by diverting shipments to their own distributors who could undercut the soaring prices but still sell at a profit; Moira personally led the raid that crippled the operation and discovered the warehouses the food had been stored in creating an instant surplus that saw the Preachers wealth returned more rapidly than they could have imagined and at a significantly higher interest rate than initially agreed upon. Even though Moira had a series of noteworthy successes in a relatively short period of time she remained restless, reminding herself daily that while she walked around relatively unconcerned for her safety on Leontides that Arguile was in constant peril; news reports indicated that the intensity of the conflict on Ingalni II had only continued to increase with no end in sight, and it was Arguile’s job to march directly into danger even when it was deemed too dangerous for the regular forces of the King’s Army.

Each morning was started with a cup of recaf and the previous day’s casualty reports of the forces on Ingalni II and each day was ended in a bar as she attempted to distract herself from fretting over Arguile’s possible addition to the next day’s casualty reports. On occasion business on Leontides necessitated Arguile’s presence and the three friends regularly attempt to move heaven and earth just to spend time together, though Moira’s drinking tends to increase in an attempt to both cope with Arguile’s ever constant and increasingly conspicuous injuries as well as to embolden herself in her efforts to express her feelings for Arguile; unfortunately Arguile views these intoxicated endeavors of hers to confess as simple drunken ramblings that a woman of her stature would most certainly view as a mistake the next morning. In a recent and uncommon display of brilliance Moira has been pressing her superiors of the need for a bomb disposal technician within every station house, or bare minimum a quarterly training session on ordnance detection; within weeks Commander Renard Preacher and Arguile McCloud were hard pressed to create a curriculum for an ordnance detection certification course to be taught to law enforcement for implementation on Leontides, and due to no coincidence Moira’s unit would serve as the beta test for the program.

Moira and Maximilian Preacher

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