Tawny Itagaki


Warrant Officer Tawny Itagaki
War Walker Munitions Systems Engineer

Dexterity: 3D (4D Heavy weapons, Missile weapons)
Knowledge: 3D (4D Technology; + 1 Alien Species)
Strength: 3D (4D Lifting)
Perception: 2D (3D Hide/Sneak)
Mechanical: 3D (4D Vehicle Operation)
Technical: 4D (5D Armor Repair, Computer prog/Repair, Droid prog/Repair, Weapon Repair; + 1 Demolitions, Vehicle repair)

Dodge Defense: 9
Parry Defense: 9
Unarmed Defense: 9
Damage Resistance: 9


Arguile McCloud was the first among many specialists Commander Renard Preacher recruited in the formation of his imagined Ordnance Disposal and Explosives Investigation unit, but while Arguile was in school the roster needed to be filled; Tawny Itagaki was the fourth member recruited and coincidentally the inspiration for the nickname “Odd-Eye” being a Cathar yet requiring a thick pair of glasses despite her species typically superior vision, but making up for it with a sturdier frame than average. Tawny had been born in a refugee camp and adopted by a human soldier of the King’s Army who had married her pregnant mother; she was only one of a litter of nine along with an additional six adoptive siblings from orphans among the camp. In her early life growing up in an overcrowded refugee camp she learned it was easier to just stay at home and read, at what had first been nothing more than a tent and later on as her father’s stature within the military increased one of the few standalone modular prefabricated shelters afforded to soldiers who had opted for a permanent posting to oversee the camp and maintain order. Overtime the camp evolved into an actual city and government infrastructure sprouted up in the form of courts, city hall, schools, and hospitals affording opportunities the refugees had long since given up hope of having ever again. Ferris Landing became an extremely loyal city to the Baras dynasty and the majority of the population dedicated itself to all branches of government service, and as with the majority of her family Tawny chose to enlist in the King’s Army; of the fifteen siblings eight joined the Army while three became members of the Navy, three more married soldiers and her oldest sister became a government funded Astro-Cartographer.

Initially Tawny wanted to become a quartermaster like her father, but after receiving a near perfect score on her aptitude exam her recruiters explained that there were no restrictions on what she could become; when she asked what was similar to a quartermaster that few people were qualified for, and after some discussion she decided to train as an armament specialist on the vast fleet of War Walkers at the Army’s disposal. Early in her training she concluded she had made the right choice, finding her work incredibly gratifying as she often stayed well after her allotted hours to perform weapons maintenance, targeting software calibrations and firmware optimizations, as well as modular armor refits; it wasn’t uncommon for her colleagues to clock into work only to find that half of their work had already been completed by Tawny who would be noisily napping on her work bench. When maintaining the War Walkers labor droids were essential to installing the heavy weapons, ordnance loads, as well as armor plating of the Walkers, and each droid required a technician’s supervision to ensure each sensitive component remained undamaged in the installation; what her superiors viewed from the workshops internal security cameras was a flurry of independent droid activity performing multiple tasks on a mech at a time before moving on to the next machine, Tawny juggled her attention between sitting cross-legged in the middle of the bay without flinching as droids carrying loads capable of crushing her pirouetted around her as she wrote the very code that allowed them to perform such precise maneuvers and jumping to her feet to double check the particularly fine adjustments the droids carried out.

An idea had already been discussed among the research and development department that automatizing War Walkers might be a prudent option when faced with the threat posed by both the Sith Empire and Republic armies to allow more units to be fielded without risking an equal amount of the relatively harder to replace pilots; ideally one pilot would operate his own Walker as well as coordinate three additional automatized Walkers in battle. After this plan was proposed to Tawny she immediately and without consideration, yet politely, declined; within the refugee camp she had grown up hearing the stories of the Mandalorians and their semi-sentient Basilisk War Droids and understood just how dangerous automization could be, in the course of the invasion of Cathar the Basilisks often outpaced their handlers only to kill warrior and civilian indiscriminantly. Though at first disappointed her superiors offered her a promotion, asking her to optimize their maintenance and munitions droids which in comparison to their last proposal she accepted immediately. She continued to work with the same people but rather than as part of a crew of technicians she supervised several teams of technicians and droids, overseeing an entire squadron of Walkers as a Warrant Officer; concurrently she continued to optimize the code each of the droids used making the lives of the technicians under her supervision that much simpler, occasionally R&D would ask for her help on specific bits of code and she had little reason to refuse given the comfortable station they had afforded her. Overtime as the requests for her aid became more frequent the context of each piece of code seemed intentionally obscure, and after piecing together all that she had worked on was horrified to learn that R&D had been reverse engineering her code to find applications for War Walker automization; incensed that she had been unwittingly participating in the one and only act she had refused to help with, Tawny Itagaki immediately submitted her resignation.

Rather than risk losing their most valued asset and knowing they had illegally coerced her into creating weapons of war Tawny’s superiors had her detained and relocated to a facility that would allow them to force her to continue her work in an isolated environment, with little hope of being released until she completed their tasks. The first time Tawny Itagaki met Arguile McCloud was when he unlocked her cell door and ducked inside to escape some unknown pursuer; Commander Preacher had heard of Tawny Itagaki, and had been working to modify her maintenance and munitions subroutines to develop a semi-autonomous Bomb Disposal bot that regular infantry and law enforcement units would be able to utilize in place of a warm body, so once she had dropped off the radar he prodded into her disappearance. Commander Preacher finally located her through back channels he had created over his extensive career, and decided that while he attempted to clear her name that someone needed to investigate her whereabouts; on one of his few breaks from school Arguile was asked to infiltrate an advanced R&D facility under a false identity in an attempt to locate the Cathar technician, and after blowing his cover accidentally stumbled upon her. None of her guards had ever actually come into her cell, typically waiting at the door in pairs with their weapons ready as they ordered her to conduct specific tasks or to deliver food, fresh clothes, and other necessities; seeing an opportunity Tawny launched herself at the intruder and through surprise easily overpowered the man, unfortunately the ruckus caused by their scuffle attracted the attention of the very same guards that Arguile had been evading.

After Arguile’s capture both he and Tawny were brought before the director of the facility, the man who had both initially asked for Tawny’s help on upgrading their War Walkers and the man who later orchestrated her kidnapping; despite being captured and the threats accusing Arguile of treason he continued to remain perfectly calm, simply sighing in annoyance as the Director ramped up his tirade each time he failed to intimidate Arguile. The only words he had to offer were of encouragement to Tawny, promising that no matter how poorly the situation seemed to be going that he would get her out of it; Arguile’s job had simply been to locate Tawny Itagaki, Commander Preacher had no expectations of him beyond that and Arguile had already performed his end of the plan having activated a high-powered comm-beacon once she had been located. Within the hour the facility was surrounded by an entire combat division, and Military Police Soldiers were allowed to march directly in as the few security personnel on site surrendered immediately to their more heavily armed comrades; Commander Preacher led the squad that marched into the Director’s office and arrested the man after freeing both Arguile and Tawny, then turned around and offered the Cathar technician a job.

As much as she enjoyed her pre-confinement job Tawny was thrilled to become a member of Commander Preacher’s team, she was pleased that someone would use her coding to attempt to disarm bombs rather than create two story autonomous death machines and set about refining both the programming and the chassis of a new series of bomb disposal droids; Commander Preachers unit seemed to be a conglomeration of specialists with the express intention of countering or disrupting the use of terror weapons, which at first seemed to be the bombs used by the insurgents on Ingalni II but Tawny soon realized Commander Preacher had his fingers in several bowls at once. Upon Arguile’s return, or rather introduction to the unit after his schooling Tawny and he began working closely together to perfect the Bomb Disposal droids; Arguile supplied the knowledge required to disarm the explosives while Tawny programmed the droids to be as exact and precise as he was, Tawny quickly discovered he was one of the first people able to hold her interest in a conversation as they discussed tech. With each device he disarmed Tawny was with him, monitoring a screen that displayed a first person view streamed from his helmet cam as she catalogued bomb configurations for future use by droids and otherwise offering any assistance he requested from the relative safety of an armored vehicle modified to act as a mobile tactical operations center. While Arguile’s knowledge centered on physics, engineering and raw explosives, Tawny’s knowledge revolved around conventional and experimental weapons delivery and computer systems; between his intuition and problem solving and her categorical knowledge of all things technical as well as her ability to rapidly research nearly any subject, there weren’t many tasks they couldn’t perform; whether forensic analysis in a lab or explosives disarmament in the field, they quickly became Commander Preachers “go to” pair for high profile assignments. Occasionally she does miss being able to get behind the controls of a War Walker, even though her past experience was little more than shuffling them around a maintenance bay in preparation for repairs.

Tawny Itagaki

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