The Principalities of Teknas

A collection of corporate interests that have banded together for protection, expansion, and profit.

The Mining Consortium

This group is made up primarily of shady businessmen, mercenary commanders, and outright pirates. Although not an official government, there are systems where the Consortium rules in all but name, grinding the hapless local authorities under its thumb and extorting tribute from its citizens. The only thing that keeps the Consortium from becoming a much larger threat is the frequent infighting that occurs among the

The Alusan Protectorate

The territory that is under the mostly-benevolent protection of the Crown of Leontides. The military might of Leontides keeps the primary planets and its several colonies safe from pirates, raiders, and invasion.

The Hutt Cartels

Wherever there’s a credit to be made, the Hutts will be there. Taking a much lighter touch than their conventionally criminal reputation would suggest, they are content to exert dominance through legitimate business that they can perform throughout the space beyond the Alusan sector. Indeed, more than half of the extra-sector commerce goes through the Hutts. They are quite vigilant at keeping smugglers out of the sector, especially independent ones.


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