War between the Jedi and Sith rages across the galaxy.

The ALUSAN EXPANSE has discovered several stable hyperspace paths that wind in and out of the stellar phenomena of the cluster to provide reliable transit into both the unknown regions and the deep core. Control of these space lanes would allow Jedi and Sith to potentially strike into the heart of each other’s territory.

Due to the pressures of war, neither the Empire or the Republic can spare the strength necessary to conquer the sector, so they have turned to the age-old tricks of statecraft: bribery, deceit, and proxy wars fought by mercenaries and pirates.

With war at the doorstep, the Monarch of the LEONTIDES SYSTEM has called upon the CROWN AGENTS.

Diplomats, warriors, and spymasters supreme, the agents and their new teams of brave operatives have been tasked with keeping peace through Alusan Space…


Ten years before the Treaty of Coruscant…

The Leontides system controls several star systems in the Alusan Expanse sector of space. The monarchs haven’t been perfect, but they’ve maintained the peace between the various systems under their protection and have kept the pirates and criminals at bay to the outer systems of the sector.

The Leontidian Monarch wants nothing to do with the mad religious war that is engulfing the galaxy, but it has come to the sector’s doorstep. So the Crown Agents have been put out to maintain the peace and keep both Republic and Empire at arms’ length.

The Crown Agents can’t be everywhere at once. Thus, they maintain retinues of promising individuals with skills that are useful to spying and statecraft. Player characters will take the part of these junior operatives. Blaster slingers, slicers, pilots, martial artists, mystics, scholars, and grifters all have their uses.


The game will take place in a play-by-post format with occasional chat. There is a campaign environment set up at

Star Wars: Agents of the Crown

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