Lucien Bouchard

APN Assault Shuttle Pilot


Dexterity: 3D (3D+2: Dodge, 4D: Blasters)
Knowledge: 3D (3D+2: Survival, 4D: Star Systems)
Strength: 2D (3D+1: Stamina)
Perception: 2D (3D: Command)
Mechanical: 4D (5D: Astrogation, Sensors, SS Gunnery, SS Pilot, SS Shields)
Technical: 4D (5D: SS Repair)

Move: 10

Dodge Defense: 12
Parry Defense: 9
Unarmed Defense: 6
Damage Resistance: 6




  • Gerard Bouchard, Father
  • Sophie Bouchard (ne Accorsi), Mother


  • Janet Bouchard, Sister, 32
  • Rikki Bouchard, Sister, 30
  • Takako Bouchard, Sister, 30
  • Caristiona Bouchard, Sister, 26
  • Makari Bouchard, Brother, 28
  • Leopold Bouchard, Brother, 21


Luicen was born to Gerard and Sophie Bouchard. The Bouchard family name was well known in the Protectorate as high standing members of the military – a Bouchard had been present in some meaningful capacity at every major event in the history of the APN. Gerard and Sophie served in the APN as a scientist until, when Lucien was five, a project he’d been working on met with disaster (see: Bouchard Incident). Lucien was never told the details, but it resulted in the complete destruction of an arcology – 1.13 million lives were lost. Both Gerard and Sophie managed to get to escape pods – they were part of a handful. The death toll, coupled with Gerard and Sophie’s survival, made his family into public pariahs. To this day, nineteen years later, the Bouchard name is associated with death and horror.

Lucien’s childhood was fairly rough because of the public sentiment towards his family. Bullying was a fact of life in school; half the time it was the teachers doing the bullying! His siblings – and the Bouchards were no slouches in that area – banded together for mutual defence during high school. They very quickly became their own island of existence, fiercely protective of their own.

After graduation, Lucien decided to enlist in the APN. This decision was met with incredulity in the best cases; abject anger in the worst. Lucien felt he had to reclaim the family’s name, however, and persisted. The APN Admiralty decided to shunt Lucien to the Assault Boat Service; this was intended as a slight to him and his family. The APN ABS also boasted the highest mortality rate of any naval service – a fact that was well understood by the Admiralty when they made the assignment.

Contrary to expectations, however, Lucien flourished in this environment. Despite a long string of disciplinary reports (he sometimes has trouble keeping his mouth shut) he is currently considered one of the top up-and-coming AB Coxswains. While not especially experienced, he has been involved in a few small actions on the APN border.

Lucien Bouchard

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