Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type II (Breath mask suggested)
Hydrosphere: Moist
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Plateau
Length of day: 24 hours
Length of year: 285 local days
Sapient Species: Human, Near-human, Quarren
Starport: Standard
Population: 6 million
Planet function: Natural Resources
Government: Feudal
Tech level: Space
Major Exports: Firegems, Minerals, Water
Major Imports: Technology

The planet’s name means “Ten-thousand Islands” in the local dialect. Trokar-in’s surface is composed primarily of oceans with vast, monolithic plateaus emerging from the waves. The sound of water crashing against the rocks is never far from any spot. Although breathable, the planet’s atmosphere is thin, requiring most species to wear a breath mask. Over the centuries, human colonists developed and adapted to the atmospheric conditions, producing a near-human strain called Ooswee.

Trokar-in’s claim to fame is its status as a source of firegems, an incredibly valuable type of gemstone that is refined from the excreted residue of native pods of Gorral Whales. Properly treated, firegems refract the electromagnetic spectrum beyond simply visible light. Firegems can be created that convert light to heat, heat to electricity, or radio waves to gamma waves. Such unusual properties make them remarkably useful components in everything from computers to blasters. Naturally, such a resources is jealously guarded.

Noble estates on some of the more prominent plateaus have artificially regulated atmospheres, while those in lower-class dwellings must make do with communal shelters or put up with the thin air as best they can.

Status is determined by the altitude one resides at. Skylanders are the aristocratic families that work the gem collection tracts and protect their territory from pirates, raiders, and each other. Mid-trunkers are merchants and craftspeople that work the gems into useful components.
Wave-dwellers are typically the low class workers that collect the mineral and gemstone deposits from the veins of Gorral whale residue.

Although most of the Skylanders are human and Ooswee, there is a growing population of aquatic species, most notably Quarren. They are better equipped to dive to deeper, richer deposits of Gorralwhale residue and gather gemstones quicker and for longer periods of time. This development is viewed with alarm by the aristocracy of the world, who are tightening their grip to keep offworld mercantile interests away from their power base.


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